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Dijkstra Cock


15091 RPUSA 15 BB Dijkstra Cock Bird   Click on Pic for Larger Photo
Bigger than medium sized nice in the hand with tight vents and 1 pin tail. Inbred “Big Boom” x “Evita” - Parents of “Leonardo” Offspring ‘De Big Boom’ x ‘Evita’, wins more then 110x 1st & 60x Top 10 NPO Races L. Dist. ‘Leonardo’ is a full brother to many great racers & -breeders like ‘Elrond’, ‘Renske’, ‘Aphrodite’, ‘Het Strikje 729’, ‘Stone’, ‘De 336’, ‘De 335’, ‘Femke’, ‘Haldir’, ‘;Ament’, ‘Nienke’, ‘Achilles’, ‘Hunti’, ‘De 190’ - Family of top long distance racers and One Loft Races including “South Africa”

SIRE: 4216363 NL 09 Grandson to “Big Boom” x “Evita” - Sire brother to “Leonardo”
Sire: 4200361 - NL08 Brother to Leonardo -Brother to ‘Leonardo’. In 2014 his offspring win 3 cars,1. Int. Sens 16.572 p. & 1. Prov. Sittard 16.739 p. He is father to icons like ‘Okidoki’, ‘Boogie’, ‘Spikkeltjes’, ‘Nesta’, ‘De 726’, ‘Ramses’, ‘Pico Bello’, ‘Mona Lisa’, ‘Okidoko’, ‘Ceasar’ and many more.
Dam: 4200327 NL08 - 11 times in the Prizes 2009

DAM: 1219728 NL 14 Inbred Big Boom x Evita
Sire: 4413306 NL 12 From brother to Tinkerbell x Daughter to Leonardo
Bennie brother to 1st 109, 1st vs 164, 3rd vs 331
Dam: 1964810 NL 08 “Sister to Leonardo” Leonardo sire to 1 vs 6225, 1st 2687, 1st vs 2186, 1st vs 1930, 1st vs 1620, 1st vs 1480, bred 20 x Top 10 NPO


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