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Meuleman/Dijkstra Cock


19220 RPUSA 19 Red Mottle Meuleman/Dijkstra Cock Bird  Click On Picture For Full Size Pic
Slightly smaller than medium size nice in the hand with tight vent and 1 pin tail. Very high energy bird. Sire is 1/2 brother to 300 Mile Combine Winner! Dam grandaughter to Dijkstra’s “Leonardo”. Winning genes and color.

SIRE: 1767 RPUSA AU 08 1/2 brother to 1st 300 mile combine.
Sire: 2638 INDY AU99 “Gehammerd” Bred 300 mile Combine Winner 2003 & Son of "Super 2115" breeder of 4 x1st place
Dam: 231 RPUSA AU04 - Sister bred 1st Combine RecRed in 2006 yb

DAM: 17109 RPUSA AU17 - Grand daughter of "Leonatdo" x Aunt of "Tinkebell"
Sire: 1107218 - NL11 “Primo” Son to world class breeder ‘Leonardo’. In 2014 his offspring win 3 cars,1. Int. Sens 16.572 p. & 1. Prov. Sittard 16.739 p. He is father to icons like ‘Okidoki’, ‘Boogie’, ‘Spikkeltjes’, ‘Nesta’, ‘De 726’, ‘Ramses’, ‘Pico Bello’, ‘Mona Lisa’, ‘Okidoko’, ‘Ceasar’ and many more.
 Primo’s mother ‘Iris’ is grandmother to 1. National Acebird marathon ZLU WHZB 2009. She is a sister to superbreeder ‘De Lichte Morlincourt’ = father ‘Tinkelbel’ & grandfather ‘Purdey’.
Dam: 1136559 - NL14 - 100% Arie Dijkstra down from "De Big Boom" & "Fire"

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