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Klaas/Ludo Hen


16267 RPUSA 16 BB Klaas/Ludo Hen         Click Photo for full size pic
Little smaller than medium nice in the hand with tight vent & 1 pin tail . Looking for a good cross for the money races well here one. Sire full Alfons Klaas - “Sun City” south African money winners all around in the pedigree crossed with the best Ludo Claessns.
SIRE: 1162 0507 DV 13 “Sun City” Sun City South Africa Money Winners all Around in this Pedigree - Both parents bvred by Alfons Klaas
Sire: 1236 0507 DV 12 “Sun City Baby” Sire full brother to Victor 1st Place vs 2575 birds "Sun City Race" South Africa Race 2011 Winning $200,000 x Half sister to Konstantin 1st Place vs 2402 birds "Sun City Race" South Africa Race 2007 Winning $200,000
Dam: 371 507 DV “Blacky” Full sister to Grandam of Champions - 1st National Ace - Mach 1 - 5 x 1st place

DAM: 81220 ARPU AU 13
Sire: 378 RPUSA AU 04 “Red Robin” Gr son of Robin Hood & Dam grandaughter of Voss 77 & double grandaughter of De Juf
Dam: 263 DFL AU 05 Grand daughter to Katoog and Late Rode 430 -Top Ludo blood in this hen.

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