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Meuleman Hen


16199 RPUSA 16 Slate Meuleman Hen      Click Pic for Full Size Photo
Medium size very nice in the hand with tight vent & 1 pin tail. 
Sire 1st Place Federation Winner. Sire - Grand Sire and Great Grand Sire all 1st plaxe Winners! Several siblings 1st Place race winners! Dam daughter of “The Only One” Children have now bred over 15 x 1st place winners!!
SIRE: 591 RPUSA AU 05 “Fed 591” 1st Federation winner vs 700b 50 lofts - Sire and Great Grand sire both 1st Place Winners.
Sire: 511 TC AU98 “Mr. Bond” 300 mile winner in YB. Tough race came in after dark and in the rain. 511 also scored 2nd @100miles & 4th @200miles. Sire 150 mile winner equal 1st Dam: Daughter of Super 536
Sire to 1st Fed vs 700b 51 lofts @200m OB's
Dam: 199 RPUSA AU 03 Very Nice hen out of a double grson of "Super 536" & Inbred grdaughter of Karel M & Ruby. Dam to 1st Fed vs 700b 51 lofts @200m OB's & Several foundation breeders.

DAM: 32014 JEDDS AU 09 Several sister & brothers have bred 1st place winners including -2 x 1st & 1x 2nd in futurity 3 years in a row.
Sire: 2337 MN AU98 “The Only One” The Only pigeon bred from this Brother Sister Mating. Down from My "Super 536" cock. Perfect Pigeon. Children have now bred over 15 x 1st place winners!!
Dam: 5174 M AU 04 5174 Bred RecReds that place 3rd & 4th Combine and 2nd 300m Combine - Sire winner of 10 diplomas and Dam out of Son of Karel M & Sister to "Super 536" 


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