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Meuleman Hen


19064 RPUSA 19 BB  Meuleman Hen      Click for Full Size Photo
Slightly smaller than medium size nice in the hand tight vent & 1 pin tail. Sire bred by Karel Meuleman. Dam Recessive Red sister to 1st Place Winner.

SIRE: 6154946 - BELG 10 Bred by Karel Meuleman
Sire: 6080969 - BELG 02 - 103rd National vs 4395b
Dam: 6125142 - BELG 07

DAM: 81297 ARPU AU13 - Sister to 1st Place Winner
Sire: 3686 OHF AU05 “Mach 1” Direct Son of Karel M - Inbred Karel M & Ruby - bred Combine Winner 2013
Dam: 6154789 - BELG10 Bred by Karel Meuleman - bred Combine Winner 2013

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