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Ludo Cock


15050 RPUSA 15 BB  Ludo Cock Bird      Click for Full Size Photo
Medium size nice in the hand tight vent & 1 pin tail. Sire out of two direct Ludo Claessens. This cock bird bred 1st Place Winner before being imported. Dam morther of 3 x 1st Place Winners! This cock bird half brother to 4 x 1st place Winners!

SIRE: 6368755 BELG -07 This cock bird bred 1st place winner 264 miles in Belgium before been imported. Many winners bred by brothers and sisters to this cock bird. Both parents bred by Ludo Claessens.
Sire: 1272704 NL -03 Bred by Ludo Claessens - Sire 1st National Ace Pigeon full brother to "Blue Moon' winner of 1. prov. RI Creil - 2,370 birds -1. prov. RI Creil - 9,110 birds - 2. prov. RI Creil - 4,867 birds - 2. prov. RI Chateauroux - 1,772 birds
Dam: 1272732 NL -03 Bred by Ludo Claessens - 1/2 sister to "Blue Moon" & full siter to breeding great "Spierke" mother to 1st vs 8072

DAM: 2760 WRP AU 07 Super Breeder - 3 x 1st place Winners with 3 Different Cocks
Sire: 2016 AHPI AU 06
Dam: 00002 - -05 Down from “Voss 77” & “Oscar” Ludo Lines

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